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All in One (2 -Piece) Female Nappies

Product Description
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All in One Outfit
Female pants which can be attached to a top (2 PIECE) or worn alone.
Uses disposable pads only.
Available Sizes - XS, Small and Medium 

for Small to Medium size dogs
Such as: Poms, Chi's over 3.5kg /Toy & Mini Poodles / Westies / CKCS / Pugs / Small Staffies ​​​​​​​
Full measurements given below

Fabrics: 100% Jersey Cotton outer - black only / Polar fleece lining in Purple, Beige & Cerise

This product is ideal for female dogs whose body shape means pants may move or slip - especially when sleeping. The lightweight t-shirt type top has a hook and loop strip, the pants also have an extra strip which can be attached to the top.  

Please note: only the pants sold with this outfit will work with top, our regular pants do not have the extra velcro strip. 

The pants can also be worn alone, or can easily be taken off to check of the pad/liner needs changed.

This product uses disposable pads only - such as sanitary towels / incontinence pads sold in supermarkets that attach via a sticky back.

**Remember to regularly check to see if the disposable pad needs changed**

Full Measurements are given below, please compare against your dog to establish best size - back length is from withers/lower back of neck, the second back measurement shown is where the Pants would fasten to the top. 

Extra Small:Top:  7" (18cm) Long  - Pants would fasten 6" (15cm) back from neck edge.  XS Pants - Waist Girth - 10"(25cm) to 12.5" (32cm)

Small: Top: 9" (23cm) Long - Pants would fasten 8" (20cm) back from neck edge. Small Pants - Waist Girth - 12" (31cm) to 15"​​​​​​​(38.5cm)

Medium:Top: 1.5" (29cm) Long - Pants would fasten 9.5" (24cm) back from neck edge Medium Pants - Waist Girth - 15" (38.5cm) to 17.5"​​​​​​​  (44.5cm)



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