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Male Dog Belly Band Outfit (2 Piece)

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Size: Extra Small
Color: Beige
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Product Description
All In One
Dog Belly Band and Lightweight Top (2 PIECE)
For Small to Medium size dogs

Such as: Poms, Chi's over 3.5kg /Toy & Mini Poodles / Westies / CKCS / Pugs / Small Staffies 
Uses disposable pads only.
Fabrics: 100% Jersey Cotton outer Black and choose from Purple or Beige polar fleece lining

This product is helpful for dogs whose body shape often means a belly band will slip or spin out of position. 

The measurements for this product are unique and we strongly recommend you compare the measurements shown below against your dog prior to ordering. 

The (2 PIECE) outfit comprises of a lightweight top which has a soft hook and loop strip on the back. The Belly band is designed to attach to the top with hook and loop tabs.

The band is for use with disposable pads only. You can easily check/change the pad without having to remove the top. 

Full Measurements are given below, please compare against your dog to establish best size - back length is from withers/lower back of neck, the second back measurement shown is where the band would fasten to the top. The girth measurement covers in front of hind legs/lower rib cage area - where the band would fast to the top - as shown above. 

Extra Small: Top: A) 7" (18cm) Long  B) - Band would fasten 5.5" (14cm) back from neck edge.  D) Girth for Band: 14" (36cm)  to 18"(46cm) - C) Pad section width: 3.5" (9cm)

Extra Small LONG: Top A) 7" (18cm) Long - B)​​​​​​​ Band would fasten 5.5" (14cm) back from neck edge. D) Girth for Band: 17" (43cm) to  19" (48cm) - C) Pad section width 4" (10cm)

Small: Top: A) 9" (23cm) Long - B)​​​​​​​ Band would fasten 7.5" (19cm) back from neck edge. D) Girth for Band: 19" ( 48cm) - 22" ( 56cm) - C) Pad section width: 4" (10cm)

Medium: Top: A) 11.5" (29cm) Long B) Band would fasten 9.5" (24cm) back from neck edge. D) Girth for Band: 22" (56cm) - 24" (61cm) - C) Pad section width: 4.5" (11.5cm)

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Glenndarcy Dog Pants

Since 2011

Where to measure for waist girth & overall length

Like people...dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

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My dog is in-between sizes - or doesn't appear to match any sizes - what should I do? 

Male Dogs : Consider the bigger size as there is more hook and loop overlap for waistband fastening - as long as the 'pad width' is still OK - see our 'Measurement Guide' for double checking. 

Female Dogs: Consider the bigger size as there is more hook and loop overlap for waistband fastening - as long as the 'overall product length' is still OK - see our 'Measurement Guide' for double checking.

Female dogs: You may wish to consider our adjustable Flexi-Pants which can be adapted in 3 areas for a more tailored fit. 

My dog has a bigger waist, but is shorter in the body.

The popper fastening products allow for a bigger waist girth. For example, if you have a Westie with a 19 inch waist girth however need a medium product body length, then consider our popper fastening product.

How do I put the product on my female dog?

Female Dog Nappies

Simply pull your dogs tail through the tailhole (unless using no tailhole version) and put the section with the disposable or washable pad between and through the hind legs. Position the knickers so they fit comfortably, then fasten the waistband straps to the top part of the pants. Firmly pinch the hook and loop tabs to make sure they're secure. Your girl may sit initially or be curious as to what she is wearing, but should very quickly become used to them.


Please see the product listing for detailed instructions, the product also comes with a leaflet.

Please remove the pants carefully so the hook and loop ripping sound doesn’t give them a fright.

Where can I buy disposable pads?

We recommend supermarket own brand disposable towels/pads/nappies.

Here are some examples and prices of the Morrison's Savers range:

Female Dog products:

Pants size XS to Medium Long - Pantyliners - 30p for 30
Pants size Large to XXXL - Maxi Towels 25p for 10, Adult Incontinence Pads - £1.29 for 12, Baby nappies - Size 2 and bigger.

Male Dog products:

Band size XS to XS LONG  - Pantyliners - 30p for 30
Band size Small - Maxi Towels 25p for 10
Band size Medium to Large - Adult Incontinence Pads - £1.29 for 12
Band size XL to XXXL - baby nappies - Size 2 and bigger.

Prices may vary. It may take trial and error to find the pad that best suits your dog’s needs.

What size Glenndarcy Enviro-Friendly Washable pad should I buy?

Female Dog Nappy :

XS to Small - Size A
Medium to Medium Long - Size B
Large to XXXL - Size D
Pads are available with or without a waterproof base layer.

Male Dog products:

Male Dog Belly Band:

XS to XS LONG - Size AW
Small - Size BW
Medium to Large - Size DW
XL to XXXL - Size E

Male Adjustable Dog Pants:

XS to Small - Size AW
Medium to XL - Size DW

Diamond Dog Belly Band:

XS to XS LONG - Size AW
Small - Size AW and BW
Medium to Large - Size DW

The above suggested Male pads are waterproof base washable pads (blue poppers). If you are using the female nappy for light urine incontinence, also buy the waterproof base washable pads.

How do I put the product on Male Dog?

Dog Belly Bands:

Simply position the disposable pad or attach the washable pad via the two poppers.  Wrap the Belly Band under your dog so it covers the relevant section, fasten over their back and adjust for a comfortable fit. Squeeze the velcro fastening firmly to secure. Remove carefully so the velcro ripping sound doesn't give your dog a fright. 

Male Adjustable Nappy:

1. Tailhole / Body Length adjustment There is a small amount of adjustment in the tail section to allow for a) your dog's tail position and b) the product can be made slightly longer in overall length which can help make the pants more comfy if your male dog is not neutered.

Loosely position the product on your dog to get the right measurements, take it off to click the poppers securely, then place your dog’s tail through the tailhole and put the pants on.

2. Waistband adjustment- fasten the hook and loop on the waistband to best fit your dog’s waist. To put on the tightest (comfortable) setting, place the left strap across the top of the body and fasten, like shown in the photo. 

Then bring the right strap across and fasten it to the top of the left strap. To increase the size, simply move the positioning.