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Flexi-Pants Female Dog Nappy

Product Description
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Style: Flexi-Pants - for a more tailored fit as adjustable in three areas

Waistband: Hook & Loop
Available Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/XXL, and XXXL+(black only)

How they work? Glenndarcy waterproof fabric Flexi-Pants help keep mess off your furniture and carpets during your dog's season and can also be used for girls who have developed urine incontinence. They are unique - we designed to be adjustable in three areas - waistband, tailhole and elasticated body sides for a more tailored fit.  If you are unsure of your dog's measurements, these are the best product to purchase due to their increased adjustability.

Product sizes are detailed in the 'Measurement Guide'. Compare your dog's measurements and order the closest size.

Washable pad sizes are detailed in the 'Washable Pads Sizing Guidelines' on the separate washable pad pages. Two Non-waterproof base washable pads can be purchased with the pants - for more pads, or waterproof base washable pads, go to our washable pads pages. 

Disposable pads can be used if you prefer - consider pantyliners or incontinence pads which can be stuck in position - supermarket brands work very well. 

Important - washable and disposable pads need to be regularly checked to see if they need washed or changed.

Laundry: Machine washable 30C, non-bio detergent, no fabric softener, tumble dry low, do not iron. For extra cleaning/ odour control try Dettol Laundry Cleanser which kills 99% of bacteria. 

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Small to Medium –  this product covers:

Waist / Girth - 12" (31cm) - 20" (51cm)
Top of tailhole to top waistband - 2.5"(6cm) - 6.5" (16cm)
Base of tailhole to waistband underneath - 5" (13cm) - 9" (23cm) 

Tailhole opening - 3.5” (9cm) long - position adapted with plastic snaps and can be reduced in length

Large to XXL –  this product covers:

Waist / Girth - 16" (41cm) - 27" (68cm)
Top of tailhole to top waistband - 3.5"(9cm) - 10.5" (27cm)
Base of tailhole to waistband underneath - 9" (23cm) - 14" (36cm) 
Tailhole opening opening - 5” (13cm) long - position adapted with plastic snaps and can be reduced in length

XXXL+ this product covers:

Waist / Girth - 25" (63cm) - 35" (89cm)
Top of tailhole to top waistband - 9" (23cm) - 13" (33cm)
Base of tailhole to waistband underneath - 14" (36cm) - 18" (46cm) 
Tailhole opening opening - 8” (20cm) long - position adapted with plastic snaps and can be reduced in length

How to Fit:

Simply pull your dog's tail through the tailhole and put the section with the disposable or washable pad between and through the hind legs. Position the knickers so they fit comfortably, then fasten the waistband straps to the top part of the pants. Firmly pinch the hook and loop tabs to make sure they're secure. Your girl may sit initially or be curious as to what she is wearing, but should very quickly become used to them.

1. Waistband adjustment - fasten the hook and loop on the waistband to best fit your dog’s waist. To put on the tightest (comfortable) setting, place the left strap across the top of the body and fasten, like shown in the photo. 


2. Tailhole adjustment - fasten the poppers below around the tailhole to suit the best position for your dogs tail.

3. Body sides adjustment - adjust the two body sides overall length via the stretchy buttonhole elastic. Once adjusted to the preferred length, simply cut off excess elastic.

Please remove the pants carefully so the hook and loop ripping sound doesn’t give them a fright.


Pants fabric: 
Outer layer: P.U.L (polyurethane laminate​​​​​​​) waterproof fabric.
Inner layer: Microfleece.

Non-waterproof base washable pads fabric: 
Top layer: 'Synthetic suede' wicks away moisture to
Four lower layers of absorbent 'bamboo cotton'.
They fasten to our pants via poppers (Beige coloured plastic snaps).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy disposable pads?

We recommend supermarket own brand disposable towels/pads/nappies. Here are some examples and prices of the Morrison's Savers range:

Pants size Small/Medium  - Maxi Towels 25p for 10
Pants size Large/XXL & XXXL+ - Adult Incontinence Pads - £1.29 for 12, Baby nappies - Size 2 and bigger.

Prices may vary. It may take trial and error to find the pad that best suits your dog’s needs.

What size Glenndarcy Enviro-Friendly Washable pad should I buy

Flexi-Pants Dog Nappy :

Small/Medium - Size B
Large/XXL and XXXL+ - Size D

Pads are available with or without a waterproof base layer.


For more information,  click here  

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