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Male Dog Adjustable Nappy - Black - Size Small **SALE**

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.
*** SALE - Product is unused, however it has been washed, price has been reduced to reflect this  ***

Washable pads not included

Retail Price : £14.99
Sale Price:    £8.99

Style: Male Adjustable Dog Nappy
Colour: Black

Size: Small - see full measurements on chart below
Waistband : Hook and Loop
Fabric: Outer: Waterproof P.U.L 
Inner: 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton



This nappy has been designed to help cope with male dog urine incontinence.  It is made with lightweight premium breathable waterproof fabric - the outer layer is P.U.L (polyester polyurethane laminated knit fabric) - this fabric is used in reusable baby nappies. The pants are lined with soft stay dry, absorbent 70% bamboo/ 30% cotton lining. 

​​​​​​​How to fit a male dog adjustable nappy to your dog's unique shape

1. Tailhole / Body Length adjustment

There is a small amount of adjustment in the tail section to allow for tail position and sizes and also make the product slightly longer in overall length, which can help make the pants more comfy if your male dog is not neutered.
Loosely position the product on your dog to get the right measurements, take it off to click the poppers securely, then place your dog’s tail through the tailhole and put it on him to wear once you have found the best setting.


2. Waistband adjustment

Fasten the hook and loop on the strap to best fit your dog’s waist. To put on the tightest (comfortable) setting, place the left strap across the top of the body and fasten, like shown in the photo.        

Then bring the right strap across and fasten it to the top of the left strap.

To increase the size, simply move it along. 

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