Bust The Myth - Free Delivery, exchanges and free returns

Bust The Myth - Free Delivery, exchanges and free returns

We believe in providing transparent and fair product prices that benefit customers that keep products.  When free delivery, exchanges and free returns is provided for products, customers that keep products pay higher product prices.  Here’s why:

  • Free delivery – delivery isn’t free – you may be paying much more than it costs to send your delivery. If a customer purchases more than one item, eg three items, the customer may be paying for the delivery cost three times.  Why – because a business that sells with free delivery will have the delivery cost included in every product.
  • Exchanges and free returns – these aren’t free - businesses increase product costs to cover the cost to process and pay for exchanges and free returns.

With our shipping policy, we provide transparent and fair product prices.  We know a customer purchasing our products and keeping them pays a lower price as we don’t include:

  • A delivery cost in every product (ie, Royal Mail Tracked 48 costs £4.35) and
  • exchange and return costs (processing and Royal Mail Tracked 48 return label cost £4.35) added to product prices as a percentage of returns received.

We only provide Free Delivery for orders over £60 as we like to help out customers that need more products to help out their dog/s.

Most of our product pricing has remained unchanged since 2015 compared to vets that have increased their consultation (say hello!) cost from £26 to £51 - a 100% increase!


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