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'Hook and Loop' versus 'Poppers' fastening waistbands

'Hook and Loop' versus 'Poppers' fastening waistbands

Our Glenndarcy Female nappies and Belly Band products offer two types of waist girth fastenings. 

Hoop & Loop (velcro*) and Poppers - both styles can be useful in different situations. 

Hook & Loop  Poppers
Easy to put on / remove quickly (especially good if your dog needs to go outside).

More difficult for a dog to pull off therefore can work well overnight
(if your dog is a chewer, then no products would be suitable).

Consider for short haired dogs with sleek fur. Consider for long haired dogs
Consider for barrel shapes, little waist girth, or dogs with sloping backs. More scope for waist girth, as product can be fastened on last row of snaps. 



How do I remove fur/debris from hook and loop?

It's common for bits of debris and hair to get picked up from use or washing. Simply get a fine tooth comb or dog slicker brush, gently brush the debris out which will extend the life of your product 

What is Hook & Loop?

Hook & loop is the technical word for what is also known as velcro. *Velcro® is a brand and the name has become used in language to describe it (like Hoover has for a vacuum). We do not use the brand and therefore cannot use the term. We have found the 'hook and loop' we use works better with our dog products - more secure and long lasting. 

Can I replace a broken snap, or add others?

Yes, they are size T5 Kam® brand snaps, you can get a kit at a craft shop or online to make any of your own modifications. 

How do I undo poppers?

Try and place you fingers as close the popper as possible and carefully open it. 




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